Call Dems and tell them Just Say No. Cooperation = Collaboration.

There is snow, rain, wind, a raging blizzard in much of the Notheast. Yet the real storm is what the Trump Administration and its Ryan-McConnell led enablers have let loose on our country since November 8.

Now, while claiming to bethe Party of No, it seems that Chuck Schumer and the Dems may not stand strong.

This is what is happening in the Senate according to the New York Times (March 13, 2017):

A draft budget request that surfaced last week also showed that the Trump administration was considering making cuts to the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Much of those funds would go toward paying for the wall.

Still, none of this will happen without the assistance of some Democrats.

Republicans, who have 52 seats in the Senate, will need 60 votes to pass a budget. Resistance to military spending increases from Republican fiscal hawks in the House could mean that some Democrats will be needed there, too. And Democrats have been steadfast in their insistence that they will not lift the caps on military spending imposed by the Budget Control Act sequester unless spending on domestic programs is allowed to increase by the same amount.

Democrats flirted with a government shutdown over health benefits to retired miners last year before backing down at the last minute.

All of this so far is good, yes? Note then these especially upsetting words- enboldened and underlined below hidden in what is a Say No strategy.

Members of the party point out that their approach is different from the one taken by Republicans during the Obama years because they are merely seeking a clean budget bill, not using the threat of a shutdown to extract policy concessions from the party in power.

Mr. Schumer said that he would not rule out approving funding for a wall in 2018, but that Mr. Trump must first explain how he plans to use eminent domain to acquire land along the border, the effects of the construction on the Native Americans and how he plans to persuade Mexico to reimburse the United States for the costs.

In the meantime, Mr. Schumer rejected the idea that Democrats were being hypocritical for hinting at a shutdown and said it was up to Republicans to keep the government open."The onus for shutting down government falls on the governing party, which is them," he said in an interview. "They will have to face down some of the ideologues in their caucus and, on things like the wall, face down the president."

Read these words again. " not using the threat of a shutdown to extract policy concessions from the party in power."


"Mr. Schumer said that he would not rule out approving funding for a wall in 2018."


Call Senator Schumer and ask if this is true. Tell him to say no. No wall. No cuts. No Trump budget ever. Shut it all down.

New York office: (212) 486-4430 and Washington, D.C.
Phone: (202) 224-6542

Then call or fax all your Democratic elected officials and give them this same message.

Here is the number for the Capitol Switchboard. 212-224-3121.

Or text 504-09, and then will fax your messages to your elected officials.

Keep warm and safe if you are also facing a physical storm.


March 14, 2017

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